Halloween Makeup

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Halloween is next week and you already RSVP’d to that party this weekend! If your working full time, student or a mom we know what it’s like and you just didn’t have time to go out and buy a costume. Here are some easy last minute Halloween makeup ideas that are trending this year! You don’t want to have to do a repeat of last years costume. These looks won’t take a lot of time and you’ll have everything you need - maybe just need to go out to grab a color or two. Abracadabra! - you have an awesome Halloween costume!

  • Jigsaw Doll - The Saw movie franchise has been around for years and everyone is familiar with those gorey movies. This look is very simple and super scary! Start off with painting your entire face white or just use a powder to lighten your skin. Dark red lips, darken your eyebrows and use a red lip pencil and draw swirls on your cheeks. Draw black lines down your chin to make it look like the doll puppet mouth. Style it with a white shirt, red bow tie and blazer!

  • Scarecrow - A cute scarecrow look is also very simple and customizable as well! Create some stitches for your mouth and nose - then add some rosy cheeks! Style with a straw hat, a flannel and some jeans and you’re ready for the costume party!

  • Barbie - Have blonde hair already or a blonde wig laying around? Pink lips, pink eyes, and make your eyes pop and sparkle! There you have it for an easy Barbie costume - style with a pink dress and heels.

  • Morticia Addams - another fun, timeless and also very easy Halloween costume to throw together is Morticia Addams from The Addams Family. All you need is a long black hair wig, pale face, super red lips, make your eyes pop and darken your eyebrows. Style with a long black dress.

Benefits of Massage Therapy


Thinking about booking a massage appointment with us? Here are a few of the many reasons you should book your appointment and the benefits of massage therapy to your mind and body.

Reduces Stress. Getting a massage reduces stress - your body will have a lot of muscle tension from stress. Taking an hour for a massage can do wonders and reduce your daily stresses. It is key to continue with doing massage over time because it can even help boost energy levels and reduce any muscle pain.

Pain Relief. Massage is proven to reduce muscle pain, increase flexibility and provide a relaxing experience for your muscles. In turn this will also reduce stress - and swelling in muscles and joints. Massage therapy also releases endorphins which boost dopamine and serotonin in the body. Which emotionally makes you happier overall!

Improve Circulation. Having massage therapy on a regular basis improves circulation and blood flow. Having proper circulation helps heal the tense or damaged muscles with getting the proper blood supply they need.

Strengthens Immune System. It’s a fact that people with high stress levels are more prone to illness and injury. Just like regular exercise and getting your circulation going - massage therapy helps keep the immune system strong.

Improves Sleep. Massage therapy helps you get a better night's sleep. It also helps those who have trouble getting comfortable sleeping - restful leg syndrome etc.

Relieves Headaches. If you have chronic headaches - try booking a massage next time. Massage therapy is proven to relieve tension headaches and most headaches are caused by stress as well - so what are you waiting for!? Get a massage!

Massage therapy has become a main source of treatment now a days - this hands on treatment has been proven better to treat injuries, pain, and more. Massage therapy relieves tension, reduce stress, relieve anxiety, improve sleep and promote relaxation.

Why We Love Loma Hair Care


Loma Hair Care has been a favorite amongst all of our stylists and clients here at Haven Salon and Spa. Loma Hair Care products are made with clean water, pure ingredients and quality products. They start with clean water. Their facilities are located 9 miles from one of the purest reservoirs in the world. They filter the water which removes pollutants - giving us the purest, cleanest water in their products. Loma uses raw materials that are free of hidden hazards- making their products safe to use.  All of the Loma products are Paraben, Sulfate, Sodium Chloride, Gluten and Soy Free. Loma is also vegan friendly and they never test any products on animals! They manufacture all of their own products here in the USA using pure aloe vera and the best raw materials.

    Loma Hair Care infuses their pure water with organic aloe vera powder - this combination is the leading ingredient in their hair care products. It is made with organic plant extracts, oils, vitamins and minerals - making your hair healthy and our environment sustainable.

    Another reason why we LOVE Loma Hair Care is their efforts to keep our environment safe and clean. They are extremely eco-friendly! Their packaging is recyclable and all of the bottles have 25% post-recyclable plastic. The facility they manufacture all of the goodies out of has very little waste because they recycle everything they can from raw material drums to cardboard and plastic. Now that’s what we like to hear!

    Now that we know that this company is amazing! What can it do for your hair? Because of all of these amazing efforts and the wonderful product, they have created - Loma Hair Care is proven to give you stronger, healthy and shinier hair! You will really experience a difference after using their products. Oh wait - there’s more - not only is Loma Hair Care great for your hair - it’s also great for your skin! Say goodbye to that dry scalp and ears!



Summer 2018 Trends



    Short nails are trending! Classic, short manicured natural nails. Skip the acrylics this summer and give your nails a break. This look is finished with a solid nail color and shiny top coat.

    This summer’s nail color trends are nude colors - to pair with your natural short nail look. Classic red and ocean blue is going to be a nail color you will see a lot of during the summer. With Fourth of July coming up next week you can mix both of the colors blue and white and be ready for the holiday!


    It’s summertime and that means it’s going to be humid with hot temperatures. So when it comes to your makeup you’re going to want to get it right. The top trends for eye makeup are going to be dark eyes. We like to call it rockstar eyes - dark liners and metallic eyeshadows. Pair this look with bright, bold lip colors -  classic red is the way to go! For mascara, this summer - don’t forget to put mascara on your bottom lashes to give yourself the spider lash look and make you look like even more of a rock star. For your brows, brush them up - bushy, pushed up arches is going to give a youthful look and it’s totally trending this summer. For this look, you can use a tinted brow gel.


    2018 is bringing us some of the best hairstyles for the hot weather! Low at the base ponytails are going to be your go-to! It’s soft, classy, feminine and even romantic. It can be used as a casual day look and also evening look.

    Whether you just got out of the pool, the shower or just like to use some hair gel - the wet hair look is standing out. Sleek and slicked back this summer for your every day or if you’re trying to achieve the runway look.

    Messy updos is another easy look for the summertime. Twist your hair in buns, messy ponytail, or half up, half down. It’s an effortless look that also is super cute with your cute summer outfit and sandals on the beach.


Benefits of Microneedling

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What is microneedling?

    Microneedling is a minimum invasive skin treatment. A collection of fine needles make invisible punctures on the top layer of your skin. We know - it sounds like it’s going to hurt. But it is actually completely painless and extremely effective for the overall look and health of your skin. Microneedling has become very popular among beauty fanatics because it’s actually showing results.

What are the benefits of microneedling and why may I need it?

    Microneedling is more than just a skincare treatment for acne and your pores. There are lots of different benefits as to why microneedling could be right for you and your skin. It’s also not just for your face. Microneedling can be done in any area on your body that may need the treatment.

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Stop aging in its tracks with microneedling. Just after a few sessions, you will notice the reduction of fine lines, crows feet and deep wrinkles in the forehead.

  • Repairs visible scars. Acne scars be gone!

  • Reverses sun damage and pigmentation. Microneedling stimulates collagen growth which is the best way to repair sun damage and discoloration.

  • Helps aging skin. Smooths and tightens aging skin.

  • Shrinks pores. Microneedling pierces the skin and plumps pores which makes them appear smaller and close pores.

  • Helps your skincare products work better. Creating invisible holes in your skin with microneedling - your expensive skincare products will be able to absorb better in your skin. Most of the time when you’re using these products they are just penetrating your skin and not absorbing.

The Latest Beauty Trend: Eyelash Extensions​​​​​​​


No matter how hard you try with changing up your mascara every month, or using different eye creams - nothing is making those lashes fuller and longer. But, have you tried eyelash extensions? Eyelash extensions are the best way to get that natural fluttering lash look.

    What are eyelash extensions? They are semi-permanent false lashes that get applied on top of your natural lashes. Basically like hair extensions for your eyelashes, one lash at a time.

    A typical eyelash extension appointment will start off by choosing the type of lash-look you want to go for. Shape, curl and length. The usual appointment will take about one hour to two hours - depending on how dramatic you want your lashes. You will be lying down during your appointment and the technician will fuse each lash extension to the base of each of your lashes one by one.

    What is the upkeep for extensions? You will have to go back and get them filled every three to five weeks - depending on how careful you are with your eyes. They can definitely last longer! To make them last avoid steam or water for the first day, and then avoid oil based makeup and makeup remover around your eyelids and lash line. This can break down the adhesive resulting in the lash extensions to fall off.

    You CAN wear makeup with your lash extensions. It is suggested you stay away from mascara. This will do the same thing it does to your natural lashes - clump. Leaving your extensions damaged.

    Now, if you’ve always dreamed of those feathery lashes and want to bat your eyes down the runway - book your appointment with us today for your eyelash extensions!


Classic TV Moms We Love

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  • Carol Brady

    Together The Brady Bunch represented the perfect family. None of that would have been possible without mom - Carol Brady. She was truly head of the household being a stay at home mom she also juggled a lot of hobbies and had a career of her own. Not to mention she also had three girls of her own and then three step kids! Mom award goes to Carol Brady.

  • Morticia Addams

    Not only was she a mom, she is a queen! Her husband worships the ground she walks on and Morticia Addams is an overall boss. She ran a very different household, not the usual family - but she always looked flawless! How did she keep her skin looking like porcelain!?

  • Samantha Stephens

        Samantha Stephens also represented the classic American family - only one thing. She was a witch. I’m pretty sure most moms can agree that having little extra magic power to get the dishes done and playing tricks on your husband would be very useful.

  • Louise Jefferson

        Also known as “Weezy”, Louise Jefferson was another boss mom! Louise Jefferson was a kind-hearted, honest woman who had a hot-headed husband. She gets lots of props from us!

  • Sophia Petrillo

    “Blow it out your ditty bag.” Sophia Petrillo is a tell it like it is kind of woman and the best mom to go to when you need some advice. “Picture it, Sicily 1912.” She is hilarious, and another classic mom that we love! Why put mom in a home when you can move her in with you and your best friends!

  • Lucy Ricardo

    Calling all New York City Moms! Lots of hard work when you live in a Manhattan apartment, your husband is a musician and you are in training to become a housewife. I Love Lucy gave viewers tons of laughter and still does to this day! Lucy was a caring mother, loyal wife but also managed to get herself into lots of trouble because she is so passionate and determined.



All The Single Ladies: What To Do While Single On Valentine’s Day

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If you find yourself alone on February 14th, it doesn’t mean that you still can’t make the day special and enjoy yourself. Doesn’t matter if you have someone to celebrate the day with. Maybe even one of your other single friends will want to spend time with you. Here are some fun ideas for Valentine’s Day for all the single ladies.


  • Movie marathon featuring your celebrity crush. Which one is yours? Leonardo Dicaprio, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt - Valentine’s Day featuring your star heartthrob.

  • Shopping spree - take the day or night to do some shopping! Get some new makeup or a new outfit to have you feeling great!

  • Do Valentine’s Day gift exchange with your other single friends. Just like Secret Santa - pick a name and surprise them with some flowers and chocolate.

  • Pamper yourself - just call 484-863-4855 and book your spa day! Need your hair did? Add that in too! Nothing says Valentine’s Day like “me time”.

  • Play Tinder roulette. Gather all your single friends and have some fun swiping through Tinder. Maybe you’ll find a date for next year.

  • Laugh it out. Spend the night out at a comedy show or just put on a comedy special on Netflix.

  • Galentine’s Day. Gals night out - do brunch during the day or go out dancing at night.

  • Unplug. If you get annoyed at all the happy couples on social media - unplug, and take the day off from social media. Just put your phone day and focus on you!

  • Do something that your ex-hated. If there was anything you did less of in your last relationship, spend all day doing it! Eat the food you wanted to eat, wear what you wanted to wear.

  • Take a class. Is there a class you’ve been dying to take? Sign up for that class you’ve never been able to get a spot in.

  • Veg out. Netflix and chill have never felt so good when you’re doing it completely alone! Watch what you want and eat all the snacks you want.

  • Go to a museum. Nice, quiet, relaxing and educational.

  • Go on a date. Has there been someone that’s been asking you out lately and you just haven’t had the time? Let someone take you out! Or ask that person out that you’ve been wanting to go out with - chances are they don’t have plans for Valentine’s Day either.

Icons made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com is licensed by CC 3.0 BY