7 Reasons You Should Leave Coloring Your Hair To A Professional

What’s wrong with coloring my hair using a box color? Where do we begin? The stylist here at Haven Salon and Spa are trained professionals. The time and education spent on learning the art of coloring is a large portion of our training. There are several reasons we feel that you shouldn’t attempt to color your own hair. We have outlined a few of them below.

What we considered “Boxed Color” from your drugstore or supermarket is created to adjust color for many different hair types. Your professional stylist and colorist will understand the texture of your hair and the exact color combinations to mix so that they achieve the desired look. One size DOES NOT fit all in this situation. Box color has a flat percentage of developer versus a professional, determining what is best for your hair. What one person may receive one to Box Color using box color and another may receive an outcome completely different. We see this often in blondes that use box color that often turns the hair into an unpleasent orange mess.

  1. Let’s talk DAMAGE. Coloring your hair does not mean ruining your hair. The most common reasons for damaged hair is due to the application of the color. Placing one color from root to end is not the proper way to apply color, but you won’t find that disclaimer on the box of color from the drugstore.
  2. Speaking of Application, there’s nothing like having your hair colored by a professional that understands how to apply the color properly. Applying color and avoiding the dreaded “banding of color” (dark spots) it must be done from regrowth to the demarcation line. We know, it’s technical in nature, but that’s why we are the professionals. Most people that apply their own color at home are either leaning over their sink or having an untrained friend do the dirty work.  That’s just going to be poor application, uneven and can cause some serious damage to your hair let alone some crazy effects that could happen.
  3. You think it’s going to save you money? Think again. You will eventually have to see a professional stylist to fix it, and that’s going to cost more than just a color and cut from a reputable salon. Fixing anything that wasn’t broke is much more expensive than just doing it right the first time. Having someone take a box color and then switching it to professional color isn’t as easy as wiping the slate clean. There’s a lot more in the process and will take time to fix it. Months even years to get your hair back to a healthy state.
  4. Your box color you used for years has a new formula! Uh Oh! What do you do? The same box color you’ve used for years now is NEW. You’re excited, but the results are different. Where did your color go? It doesn’t look the same. Yep, they can make changes and not warn you and you end up with a different result. A professional formula NEVER CHANGES for you. We can recreate your color for as long as you want it to be the same. No guess work about it.
  5. You will not look like the celebrity on the box or on the commercials. You really don’t believe that these celebrities and models actually use that box color? They spend thousands of dollars with stylists who are certified to color hair. Don’t believe the hype.

You DESERVE it! Leave the work to us. You deserve to come and enjoy having your hair colored and styled by a professional. We will take excellent care of you, walking out of our salon feeling beautiful, confident and relaxed.