Hot Nail Trend Colors for Spring 2016

Picking a color for your nails during spring and summer is a detail that cannot be ignored. When planning your trip to get your nails done you want to be equipped with what is trending right now. Below is just a few of the hot nail color trends we were able to see during Fashion Week.

  • Yellow – a mellow yellow. This isn’t your every day yellow. OPI’s I Just Can’t Cope-acabana will make you stand out at any pool party or picnic.
  • Blue – Blue isn’t a new color to nails and at times is considered a risky choice. This season we are seeing royal blue and navy. Navy with a touch of glitter and sparkle is really a hot choice. Royal blue is the color to wear all on its own. Ask us for OPI’s Rich Girls & Po-boys to create this stellar look. If you’re looking for the more sparkling navy look try Vinylux’s Midnight Swim or Peacock Plume.
  • Opaque/Light Pink– This has been hot for quite some time. It’s not going away. A nude or opaque that is creamy in its look is still an easy decision. Wearing this on a natural shaped nail is the way to go. A real great color for the beach or weekend at the lake. One other thing we see is adding some shimmer and shine to the nude. Giving it a more 70s look and feel. Try one of our favorites here at Haven OPI’s Bubble Bath or Let Me Bayou A Drink.
  • PURPLE PALAZZO PANTSCharcoal – If you want a modern look, this is the choice. We saw the charcoal gray in the fall and it’s momentum into spring is strong. Believe it or not, this is a cool color with its inky feel. Want more pop, try using something on the metallic end of the charcoal scale. We carry Vinylux’s Asphalt.
  • Apple Red – Snow White red is what we like to call it. We don’t think classic red will ever go out of style. We are just seeing it more and more. A classic that probably will always be on a list. OPI has one of the rudest reds out there, their Big Apple Red.
  • Chrome Silver– And not just any silver, metallic. You see lots of celebs on the red carpet sporting this silver metallic. It’s great for short nails. We see the holographic effects in lots of these silvers giving you a disco ball effect on your nails. Ask us for Vinylux’s Silver Chrome.
  • Matte Black – maybe not understood by many but the matte black look is in full effect. Vinyl’s Black Pool and OPI’s Black Onyx are two we would recommend for this look.
  • Rosegold – Another great color for short nails. A sparkling (not overly sparkly) gold with a tint of pink. Creates a nice clean look to those well manicured hands. Inquire with us about Vinylux’s Chiffon Twirl.

Nails are a big part of your Spring and Summer look. Don’t forget to treat yourself to some of the hot trends happening this season in nails. Book your appointment for a manicure and pedicure.

Icons made by Freepik from is licensed by CC 3.0 BY