Nail Trend- Stiletto!

You have seen them on GaGa and Katy Perry, Stiletto nails are all the rage. Not for the faint of heart, they do make a statement. This nail shape is not for everyone but is very popular if your style is high glamour or pinup vintage. 

Before you take the plunge into acrylic never, never land here are a few things to consider:

  1. Your overall productivity in life will decrease around 50 percent.
  2. You'll probably feel like you're developing early onset carpal tunnel from typing.
  3. You won't be able to apply makeup with your fingers as effectively.
  4. You will begin to appreciate the simple things in life, like being able to press a touch screen button on your first try.
  5. Gripping things like coffee cups and pens will be ten times more difficult.
  6. It will take you twice as long to send a text because of the large amount of typos that will be made
  7. The upkeep is expensive if you want them for longer than a few weeks.
  8. If you rip off your acrylics, your nails may be ruined. (at least for a few months)
  9. When you scratch an itch, you may draw blood.
  10. You are bound to have the most badass nails out of all your friends.

Stilettos take a bit to get used to, but if you are up for the challenge they are well worth it. High fashion and glamour galore!