All The Single Ladies: What To Do While Single On Valentine’s Day

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If you find yourself alone on February 14th, it doesn’t mean that you still can’t make the day special and enjoy yourself. Doesn’t matter if you have someone to celebrate the day with. Maybe even one of your other single friends will want to spend time with you. Here are some fun ideas for Valentine’s Day for all the single ladies.


  • Movie marathon featuring your celebrity crush. Which one is yours? Leonardo Dicaprio, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt - Valentine’s Day featuring your star heartthrob.

  • Shopping spree - take the day or night to do some shopping! Get some new makeup or a new outfit to have you feeling great!

  • Do Valentine’s Day gift exchange with your other single friends. Just like Secret Santa - pick a name and surprise them with some flowers and chocolate.

  • Pamper yourself - just call 484-863-4855 and book your spa day! Need your hair did? Add that in too! Nothing says Valentine’s Day like “me time”.

  • Play Tinder roulette. Gather all your single friends and have some fun swiping through Tinder. Maybe you’ll find a date for next year.

  • Laugh it out. Spend the night out at a comedy show or just put on a comedy special on Netflix.

  • Galentine’s Day. Gals night out - do brunch during the day or go out dancing at night.

  • Unplug. If you get annoyed at all the happy couples on social media - unplug, and take the day off from social media. Just put your phone day and focus on you!

  • Do something that your ex-hated. If there was anything you did less of in your last relationship, spend all day doing it! Eat the food you wanted to eat, wear what you wanted to wear.

  • Take a class. Is there a class you’ve been dying to take? Sign up for that class you’ve never been able to get a spot in.

  • Veg out. Netflix and chill have never felt so good when you’re doing it completely alone! Watch what you want and eat all the snacks you want.

  • Go to a museum. Nice, quiet, relaxing and educational.

  • Go on a date. Has there been someone that’s been asking you out lately and you just haven’t had the time? Let someone take you out! Or ask that person out that you’ve been wanting to go out with - chances are they don’t have plans for Valentine’s Day either.

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