Classic TV Moms We Love

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  • Carol Brady

    Together The Brady Bunch represented the perfect family. None of that would have been possible without mom - Carol Brady. She was truly head of the household being a stay at home mom she also juggled a lot of hobbies and had a career of her own. Not to mention she also had three girls of her own and then three step kids! Mom award goes to Carol Brady.

  • Morticia Addams

    Not only was she a mom, she is a queen! Her husband worships the ground she walks on and Morticia Addams is an overall boss. She ran a very different household, not the usual family - but she always looked flawless! How did she keep her skin looking like porcelain!?

  • Samantha Stephens

        Samantha Stephens also represented the classic American family - only one thing. She was a witch. I’m pretty sure most moms can agree that having little extra magic power to get the dishes done and playing tricks on your husband would be very useful.

  • Louise Jefferson

        Also known as “Weezy”, Louise Jefferson was another boss mom! Louise Jefferson was a kind-hearted, honest woman who had a hot-headed husband. She gets lots of props from us!

  • Sophia Petrillo

    “Blow it out your ditty bag.” Sophia Petrillo is a tell it like it is kind of woman and the best mom to go to when you need some advice. “Picture it, Sicily 1912.” She is hilarious, and another classic mom that we love! Why put mom in a home when you can move her in with you and your best friends!

  • Lucy Ricardo

    Calling all New York City Moms! Lots of hard work when you live in a Manhattan apartment, your husband is a musician and you are in training to become a housewife. I Love Lucy gave viewers tons of laughter and still does to this day! Lucy was a caring mother, loyal wife but also managed to get herself into lots of trouble because she is so passionate and determined.



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