Benefits of Massage Therapy


Thinking about booking a massage appointment with us? Here are a few of the many reasons you should book your appointment and the benefits of massage therapy to your mind and body.

Reduces Stress. Getting a massage reduces stress - your body will have a lot of muscle tension from stress. Taking an hour for a massage can do wonders and reduce your daily stresses. It is key to continue with doing massage over time because it can even help boost energy levels and reduce any muscle pain.

Pain Relief. Massage is proven to reduce muscle pain, increase flexibility and provide a relaxing experience for your muscles. In turn this will also reduce stress - and swelling in muscles and joints. Massage therapy also releases endorphins which boost dopamine and serotonin in the body. Which emotionally makes you happier overall!

Improve Circulation. Having massage therapy on a regular basis improves circulation and blood flow. Having proper circulation helps heal the tense or damaged muscles with getting the proper blood supply they need.

Strengthens Immune System. It’s a fact that people with high stress levels are more prone to illness and injury. Just like regular exercise and getting your circulation going - massage therapy helps keep the immune system strong.

Improves Sleep. Massage therapy helps you get a better night's sleep. It also helps those who have trouble getting comfortable sleeping - restful leg syndrome etc.

Relieves Headaches. If you have chronic headaches - try booking a massage next time. Massage therapy is proven to relieve tension headaches and most headaches are caused by stress as well - so what are you waiting for!? Get a massage!

Massage therapy has become a main source of treatment now a days - this hands on treatment has been proven better to treat injuries, pain, and more. Massage therapy relieves tension, reduce stress, relieve anxiety, improve sleep and promote relaxation.

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