Why You Should Be In Love With Balayage

Hair by Jo

First, let’s talk about the word, Balayage! What is it? The word itself is French. It means to paint or to sweep. It is a natural looking way to give hair color a softer sun-kissed look to hair. Less is more when creating this natural look. The process itself is when color is applied only to the surface of the hair compared to applying color all the way to the tips in sections. No foil is needed and is done freehanded. 

Applying Balayage process takes technique! It should only be done by a trained professional. Your colorist will know and understand your skin tones to pick and choose the best color and application for you. 

Hair by Ellen

Now the good stuff. Why you should love it!

  • It’s gained major popularity, from celebrities to the runway, it’s one of the most popular coloring techniques.
  • Works on all hair colors. Light hair or dark hair, Balayage is a beautiful option. Works on all hair types. 
  • Low Maintenance. When hair grows out it gives it more a natural look and not that obvious regrowth when you get your entire hair colored. Just use the proper products on your hair and this will last you. 
  • Gives your hair a healthy finish that looks naturally enhanced and glossy. 

Bottom line, Balayage gives your hair an overall gorgeous and timeless look that anyone can wear. It’s all about application technique. Haven Salon and Spa has qualified Balayage colorist on staff. Call today for your appointment. 

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