The Latest Beauty Trend: Eyelash Extensions​​​​​​​


No matter how hard you try with changing up your mascara every month, or using different eye creams - nothing is making those lashes fuller and longer. But, have you tried eyelash extensions? Eyelash extensions are the best way to get that natural fluttering lash look.

    What are eyelash extensions? They are semi-permanent false lashes that get applied on top of your natural lashes. Basically like hair extensions for your eyelashes, one lash at a time.

    A typical eyelash extension appointment will start off by choosing the type of lash-look you want to go for. Shape, curl and length. The usual appointment will take about one hour to two hours - depending on how dramatic you want your lashes. You will be lying down during your appointment and the technician will fuse each lash extension to the base of each of your lashes one by one.

    What is the upkeep for extensions? You will have to go back and get them filled every three to five weeks - depending on how careful you are with your eyes. They can definitely last longer! To make them last avoid steam or water for the first day, and then avoid oil based makeup and makeup remover around your eyelids and lash line. This can break down the adhesive resulting in the lash extensions to fall off.

    You CAN wear makeup with your lash extensions. It is suggested you stay away from mascara. This will do the same thing it does to your natural lashes - clump. Leaving your extensions damaged.

    Now, if you’ve always dreamed of those feathery lashes and want to bat your eyes down the runway - book your appointment with us today for your eyelash extensions!


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