Professional Hair Products Vs. Drug Store Products

The debate is as old as I can remember, what’s the difference and does it matter if I use professional hair products or drug store brand products? Well, the reality is, it matters. We’re not going to get into the obvious reasons you should consider changing to professional products for your hair, but we are going to list the scientific reasons you should consider switching it up.

Let’s talk about ingredients. Below are a few ingredients you will find in your products detailing what to look for, and more importantly, what ingredients you should never use on your hair.

  • Alcohol – We know what alcohol does to hair. It leaves it dry and damaged. Most drug store hair products have a great deal of alcohol in their ingredients. Be careful. Look at the contents of your shampoo, and other products and determine the ratio of alcohol. If you want damaged and dry strands keep using your store bought products.
  • Water and Wax – Take a look if water is the first ingredient. Think about it, you’re getting a diluted product. Cheaper in price? Yes. But you’re getting less product and using more of it to get the job done. Wax is another common “filler” for over the counter drug store brand products. 
  • Sulfates  – What is this and why is it hair care products? I didn’t know either until I became a stylist. Sulfates are the salt of sulfuric acid. A standard ingredient in most products, it is what helps you get the lather and suds in your shampoo. All those suds dry out your hair and leave it damaged along with stripping your color.  Be careful about the amount of sulfates in your products. Sulfate free products are good but may not leave your hair feeling clean. Pay attention to the amount of sulfates in your products.
  • Parabens- Parabens are the preservatives beauty lines place in their products to help with their shelf life. Parabens have been debated in the research world. Why take a risk? Avoid them if you can.

Let’s look at some of the sustainable products we carry here at Haven Salon and Spa:

Davines – company takes great care in choosing the ingredients they put in their products. The Italian company started with a small laboratory and has provided high-end styling products for over ten years.  They use natural ingredients. Davine’s keeps their consumer safety a number one priority.

Milk Shake – Their philosophy is one we can stand behind. “To bring hair back to their natural state is the main philosophy that follows into making of every concept’s professional hair care product. From shampoos and styling products to color and bleach, our products don’t just perform their primary task, they treat and condition your hair inside and out. The company’s secret formula? The right mix of natural ingredients and the latest innovations in hair care technology.”

Our skincare line from France is marine based and been independently family owned for generations. The fundamental research team is focused on identifying and studying new algae, plants or marine micro-organisms with high skincare potential.
Stop in and ask us questions about any of the products we carry at Haven Salon and Spa. We can help you pick out the best products for you and your hair and skin.


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